Geburtsjahr: 2020
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UFOKUS is a collective, founded in 2020, that is concerned
with murals as a medium of decelerating attention. Information
that determines our understanding of political contexts
reaches us to the degree that it drowns out other
information. In a globally networked world, each of our
political acts triggers effects far beyond our own immediate
space of perception, but our attention is archaically determined
by the struggle among phenomena to supplant each
other. At the same time, the logic of utilization on the part
of the news media and social commentary systems makes
it possible to manipulate this displacement struggle. The
timeline determines our thinking. What we still knew the
day before yesterday, and what yesterday we felt we took
part in, has slipped from our view in the ceaseless sequence
of sensations. We barely feel how what outraged us a moment
ago is now already disappearing from our consciousness.
Mural painting is our means in the struggle against
this windmill. While the timeline knows only the current
focus, painting is slow and always a cumulative enrichment.
We seek a surface that is more expansive than our field of
vision. We need a viewpoint this side of and beyond the
focal point of sensations. Our entire interest as painters is
to resist the timeline with the slow devotion of painting.
We do not paint information. We want the color- and
time-concentrated surface nourished by information as
transmission interference in the business of displacement.
We are always aware that we can change nothing.

1 Kriegsbedingte Todesoper 1990-2019, Quelle: Uppsala Conflict Data Program
Vom 6. Juni 2022 bis 7. August 2022
Vom 5. Juni bis zum 7. August 2022 zeigt der BKV ein mehr als 20 Meter langes mehrteiliges Wandgemälde, das sich mit der globalen Verbreitung kriegerischer Gewalt und ihren Opfern auseinandersetzt. Das anonym agierende Kollektiv UFOKUS setzt Malerei ein, um unseren Umgang mit politischer Information in Frage zu stellen. Dabei verwandelt sich der Pavillon auf der Freundschaftsinsel in eine skulpturale Installation.
Eröffnung: 5. Juni 2022, ab 13 Uhr Uhr
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